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Dogs are members of the carnivore family. If you look into their mouths you will see teeth that are designed for grabbing, ripping, tearing, shredding and shearing meat. Once the food passes into the stomach, the acid is so strong (equivalent to Hydrochloric Acid ) that it allows the breakdown of large pieces of protein and raw bones. This is why dogs rarely get ill from eating rotten food found when out on a walk! An adult dogs digestive system takes approx 8-9 hours for the whole digestion process.

Embark On Raw

Embark On Raw is a small family run Essex business providing nutritionally complete raw food for dogs.

Embark on Raw have for many years been advocates of raw feeding, we have seen the beauty and benefits first hand and what it has done for our beloved dogs.
We have what we believe to be, a complete and nutritionally balanced natural raw dog food. Our ingredients have been chosen to maximise nutrition and for all of the health benefits they provide. 

Embark on Raw
Whitebridge Farm
Industrial Estate
Billericay Essex
CM11 2UL
07816 783908