French and English Bulldogs/Bostons/Pugs UK


Outdoor on-location dog photography across the South East.
I'm based in between Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Paddock Wood, but I'm well placed to cover the South East as a whole. I'm happy to travel throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and beyond for both dog photography and horse photography. If you're interested, drop me an email for availability.
I've been a professional photographer for the last eight years or so. I love what I do, but I've been looking for a new direction for some time.
One of the things that I've done for fun is to take photographs for the Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club First XV for the last ten seasons. I've loved every minute of it, and learned a lot about action photography. I've recently started to bring those skills to dog photography and I've been fortunate enough to have had a lot of wonderful feedback from people.
As a family we have two dogs of our own - Dilly & Ruby. Ruby is a Sprocker Spaniel and over the last few months I've been on a number of walks across the South East with groups of spaniels, and their owners, and had a wonderful time capturing some lovely images. 

I'm now branching out and looking forward to taking lots of photos, and hopefully making plenty of dog owners very happy!